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About Thalia & Dahlia

Thalia & Dahlia is a lifestyle boutique devoted to enriching the lives of our clientele. We aspire to make everyday more meaningful and beautiful.

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Dublin, Ohio

Feb. 2, 2016

Chase away the dreary days of winter with Juliska's Colette collection. A colorful home is a happy home.

Tags: Colette

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Jan. 31, 2016

Searching for that perfect surprise for your valentine? Give a gift that is heartfelt and handmade.

Tags: Valentine's Day gifts

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01/31/16 11:00 AM
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Nice ring tray

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Jan. 18, 2013


Some of our resolutions this year. Cheers to 2013!

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Tags: country estate, pewter, vase, isabella, pewter, entertaining, new year, juliska

Jan. 18, 2013


Not just for crudités and dip, our pieces can help you stylishly organize your office or home!

Tags: juliska, organize, triple server, glasswear, ramekin, office

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